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Are you a foreign citizen and do you have a business in Ukraine?

Are you a foreign citizen and do you have a business in Ukraine?

Then this information will be useful for you.

“Demidont and partners” offer support to foreign business:

Support of business in Ukraine. Registration of your business in Ukraine, arrangement of all statutory documents, conducting obligatory payments, support during the process of concluding contracts, representation in negotiations with clients. Support of investment in Ukraine. Representation in the investment process in Ukraine, providing protection of your investment, organisation of logistical and administrative aspects of the investment process. Representation in family law cases.

What are the benefits of delegating the legal support of your business establishment and registration?

Development of statutory documents Registration of your company Acquiring stamps Opening bank accounts Acquiring the necessary permits Hiring personnel Acquiring licenses Rent or purchase of office premises, warehouses and production premises Acquiring permits for employing foreigners Registration of trademarks for goods and services

Would you like to establish a business in Ukraine?

Request a consultation through +380670773399

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